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Personality Development

Categories: Basic Islamic
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About Course

This course is designed to provide an understanding of Personality
Development in Islamic Perspective and the Issues Hindering the
Development of an Islamic Personality among the People in
General and the Muslims in Particular. It Discusses Various Issues,
Different Processes and Major Influences in Physical, Spiritual,
Mental, Cognitive, Familial, Financial, and Social Domain
throughout the Entire Life-Span. It also focuses its Attention on the
Modern-Day Personality-Disorder Syndromes like Depression and
Anxiety, Mental Health, and Identity Crisis and Many More. The
Course Analyzes the Problems and Offers Solutions in the Light of
the Qur’an and Sunnah, taking Examples from the Lives of the
Prophets and Pious Predecessors.


Course Conducting Method:
Lecture and Discussion, Quiz/Examination
Problem-Based Learning (PBL), Research-Based Project
Lecture and Discussion, Group Discussion


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11.2. Recommended
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What Will You Learn?

  • Starting the class with Islamic etiquettes
  • Lecturing on the current topic/selected topic
  • Vocabulary for the current topic
  • Exercise for the current topic
  • Ending with some daily usable sentences
  • Question-answer
  • Quiz and Assignments
  • Group Discussion etc.

Course Content


  • Definition of Personality & Islamic Personality
  • Processes and Periods of the Developmental of Islamic personality
  • Developmental Issues and Model of Islamic Personality
  • Developmental Psychology from Islamic Perspective
  • Hindrances Barring the Development of Islamic Personality

Your Best Version : Physically

Your Best Version : Spiritually

Your Best Version : Mentally

Your Best Version : Financially

Your Best Version : Socially

Realities of Life : Problems and Potentials

Realities of Life : Problems and Potentials

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