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Studies in Hadith

Categories: Basic Islamic
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About Course

Studies in Hadith and Sunnah Studies aims to introduce students to different aspects of the hadith sciences. It will explain: the methodology used by traditionalists to authenticate hadiths; the practice of hadith study:travelling for hadith; taking notes; reading and hearing; and the compilation of hadith compendia; adducing and juxtaposing hadith texts to inform understanding of the religion as practice (norms and laws); the increasing sophistication of hadith criticism; and the gradual predominance of hadith texts as a record of the Prophetic Sunnah. These aspects of the hadith sciences will be studied with reference primarily to al-Muwatta, and the six compendia that have, over centuries, retained the widest acceptance among the Muslim community.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Starting the class with Islamic etiquettes
  • Lecturing on the current topic/selected topic
  • Vocabulary for the current topic
  • Exercise for the current topic
  • Ending with some daily usable sentences
  • Question-answer
  • Quiz and Assignments
  • Group Discussion etc.

Course Content

Brief introduction of Al-Hadith Period

The Hadith Terminology

History of Compilation of Hadith

Review on Hadith Literature and Muhadditheen

Review on the Famous books of Hadith

Ahadith of Kitabut Taharah : From Umdatul Ahkam

Kitabus Salah-I

Kitabus Salah-II (Ahadith related to the description of Prophet’s Salah

Kitabul Jumu’ah wal-Idain

Kitabul Janaiz (ST167 OTTE)



Kitabus Sawm-I

Kitabus Sawm-II

Kitabul Hajj-I

Kitabul Hajj-II

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