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Seerah of the Prophet

  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Categories Basic Islamic
  • Duration 40h
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  • Last Update May 20, 2021

About Course

This course entails a study of the most important events in the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saas) from his arrival in Madina until his demise. It examines his persistent efforts to deliver the message of Islam and the examples he set for future generations to follow. It assesses the causes, conductand outcomes of his military campaigns and puts them in perspective.


This course entails a study of the most important events in the life of the Prophet Muhammad
(saas) between his birth and migration to Madeenah. It explores the challenges he
encountered and the manners with which he responded to them. Though this is seerah course,
the is conducted in a way that the students gather a great deal of knowledge of fiqh study,
and knowledge of the interpretation of many verses of the Qurran. At the end of this course,
you will have the knowledge of the whole story of the life of the prophet, have a good deal of
information in Islamic fiqh and the teachings of the prophet,
I. Objectives
• To enable the student to understand the personality and the character of the noble
Prophet Muhammad (saas) both as a man and a Prophet.
• To further appreciate the Prophet (saas) as a model and guide.
• To develop the student’s basic knowledge and understanding of the Qur’an as it was
enacted and practiced by the Prophet (saas).
• To enable the students to acquire the tools of tarbia (character development) and
da’wah (Islamic propagation) as they were taught by the Prophet (sas).
• To enkindle love for the Prophet (saas) in the hearts of students and inspire them to
follow his footsteps.
• To make the students understand and be aware of the false allegations and
propaganda fabricated against the Prophet (saas) and to be in enlightened position to
refute those objections academically and intellectually and with historical evidences.
• To know of the fabricated stories woven around the Prophet (saas).


Point of Note
When teaching this course, care will be taken to firmly establish the facts from the Qur’an
and authentic Sunnah and the more correct position on issues in which Seerah scholars
differed while focusing on the lessons to be learned from the facts and events of the Seerah.

During the course, the students will sit for Quizzes, Mid Exam and Final Term Exams. After
the completion of the course, the students will be conferred with certificates and academic
awards on the basis of their performances.
V. Course Conduct:
• The course will be conducted by reputed Islamic Scholars
• The Course will be conducted online and on-Campus
• Lecture Sheets and Notes will be provided
• Videos of the Classes will be given to the students

What Will I Learn?

  • Starting the class with Islamic etiquettes
  • Lecturing on the current topic/selected topic
  • Vocabulary for the current topic
  • Exercise for the current topic
  • Ending with some daily usable sentences
  • Question-answer
  • Quiz and Assignments
  • Group Discussion etc.

Topics for this course


Sources of Seerah – Reasons for studying the Seerah and importance of Seerah

Social and religious condition among the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula prior to Islam

From the Prophet’s (Peace be upon him) birth until the beginning of his prophethood.

The first two Hijrahs to Ethiopia

His presenting Islaam to the tribes

His night journey to Jerusalem and his ascension into the heavens

The first pledge of allegiance at al-‘Aqabah

The second pledge of al-‘Aqabah and its consequenceI.

The Madeenah Period: Foundations of the New Community

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Material Includes

  • 40 hours on-demand video
  • In Bangla Language
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Audio lessons
  • E-Book
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Muhammad Ghazali, Fiqh us-Seerah
  • Safiur Rahman al-Mubarakpuri, The Sealed Nectar
  • Akram Diya al-Umari, Al-Seerah al-Saheehah
  • S. Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, The World and Islam
  • B. Supplementary Texts:
  • Mahdi Rizqullah Ahmad, A Biography of the Prophet of Islam: In the Light of the
  • Original Sources
  • Zakaria Bashir, The Meccan Crucible, The Hijrah, Sunshine in Madinah,
  • Mustafa as-Sibaa’ie, The Life of Prophet Muhammad; Highlights and Lessons
  • Masud-ul-Hasan, History of Islam
  • S. Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, Muhammad The Last Prophet
  • Tariq Ramadan, In the Footsteps of the Prophet (saas)
  • Muhammad Mohar Ali, Sirat al-nabi and the Orientalists

Target Audience

  • Anyone

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